Are you tired of trying out business strategies that don't work for you?

Tired of leaving programs and feeling like they just sold you something that worked for them. Has your healing journey made you realize that you need to create a life that is more aligned to your purpose?

A business where you don’t have to mimic anyone else, be anyone else or do things that don't really align with your truth!

Stop buying into strategies that don't care about the actual human that is applying it!

The Leap and Launch Learning Vault a Self-Guided Online Program that will give you the tools to heal, while you build your business.

You are not your business, but your mindset, your patterns and your limiting beliefs define how far your business will go. 

Don't let your past define how many opportunities, peace and abundance you create!

Many of us in our way to building our business hit huge roadblocks:

  • Unsupportive partners and family. 
  • Being the first entrepreneur in our family. 
  • Not having access to spending thousands of dollars on therapy, healing and business coaching. 
  • Not having enough time to DIY your whole business strategy while also reading all the self-help books telling you why you can’t stop procrastinating and that if you don’t hustle hard enough you're not a real entrepreneur, that you are just lazy. 
  • Not knowing why every time we are so close to doing exactly what feels good, you self-sabotage.

Here is you will have the tools to build:

  • Your online presence while learning why you struggle to show up for yourself.

  • How to turn your expertise into knowledge you can sell online and monetize while looking at the fears behind why being seen keeps you playing small.

  • How to discover your skills and talents while loving on and forgiving the past you that broke your own trust and made decisions based on survival.

  • Healing is about unbecoming

    Dissolving the wall you created, the persona you built to feel loved, accepted, successful in this world.

  • Healing as you build is not for everyone

    It takes people who are ready to do the work of going deep within, of listening to their needs, of taking rest when their inner voice is telling them to work harder.

  • Healing is for those that are ready to build something meaningful and long-lasting

    Something built on a foundation of truth and connection so that their inner world matches their lived reality.

This was built as a self-guided course that you can take on your own or accompanied by one of our other programs.

A place that you can find the resources to guide yourself and apply years of business and healing knowledge to yourself!

What People Have To Say:

I don't fear judgement anymore!

Melanie Rousseau

Gicela was able to help me with healing the inner child which allowed me to stop negative patterns and get out of the victim mode I was in sometimes. Not only did she care for me so much but she truly wanted to see me succeed and that she did! I have never felt so free and happy to get out of my comfort zone and do things that are ME! I don’t fear the judgement anymore…I will always hear her voice telling me : “You are a fucking QUEEN!!!”

I unblocked my fears and shadows that I didn't even know I had!

Liza Londono

She understands all your facets of growth, makes you feel comfortable and it is so easy to work with her because she is like an open book and you just know you can trust her from day one. She knows all you need to make the leap and start your own business and wake up to your power through it. She is like a headlight in the way you are discovering yourself again and I will always be grateful for finding her in it.

Her program is worth it and she delivers!

Abby Mcdonald

Gicela is intuitive, wise and patient, she knows how to capture your idea and bring a concept to fruition in a very clear, strategic manner. Her program is gold, I've learnt so much from Gicela when it comes to social media marketing and how to get your message across in a way that it lands with people. Gicela gave me the confidence that we can launch this online course and showed me a step by step plan on how to achieve it which gave me clarity and peace of mind.

Her intuition and knowledge in each area opened up my own self awareness

Mindy Love

"Working with Gicela was an eye opening experience. No time was wasted. Her intuition and knowledge in each area opened up my own self awareness to a whole new level.I highly recommend working with her if you want to reach your goals, understand yourself on a new level, and be in a better place this time next year."

You have the power to leap and launch at your own pace within this vault.

Are you ready to start this journey?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Leap & Launch Learning Vault

    • Welcome Baddies!!

    • What's Next?

  • 2

    1)Tools for your Healing and Building Journey

    • How to have hard conversations... (Useful for personal and professional)

    • How to Identify your core values and embody them

    • What to do when you start to outgrow friends and how to make space for more aligned ones!

    • How to know what you are truly seeking Exercise ( Group Coaching )

  • 3

    2)Embodying Your Truth

    • Visualizing your Higher Self Morning Meditation

    • Play: How to unlock your creativity through Play

    • How To Share Your Story & Expertise: The 30 Lessons in 30 Days Challenge

    • Body Grounding Meditation video

    • Stepping into Your Authority and negotiating for yourself (Interview by Paloma)

    • How to confidently take leaps and trust (Interviewed By Paloma)

    • My Story of Self-love and Self-Relationship

    • Connecting to your Highest Self - Listen to this when you are looking to connect with your wisdom

  • 4

    3)Shadow work: Embracing and Healing our darkness

    • Talking To My Fear (Audio of Gicela speaking to her fear)

    • Shadow Work: Bringing it into consciousness

    • Shadow Workbook: Bringing your shadow into consciousness

  • 5

    4)Inner Child Healing

    • Finding Peace Through Inner Child Healing (Interviewed by Paloma)

    • Creating Your Own Inner Child Meditation

    • 4a. Meeting Your Inner child Meditation

  • 6

    5)Business Development

    • Expanding your business vision example exercise: Gicela & Rosamaria

    • Facebook Ads Basics: Coaching call with Nima

    • Origin Story Writing Part 1: The Interview (example of process of writing clients origin story)

    • Origin Story client examples Video

    • Client Origin Story Samples PDF

    • Sponsorship Packages: Example of event and social media sponsorship pitch packages

    • Ideal Client Clarity Questions PDF

    • Share Your Story Content Prompts

    • A love letter to your Ideal client

    • Creating a mobile friendly Link sharing page for your Instagram (tutorial)

    • How to start writing post for your ecommerce shop

    • Example Session: How to edit your copy to post for social media about your movement

    • Coaching Session: Brainstorming Market Research event (learning to differentiate yourself, Identifying brand enemies)

    • Creating Your Membership (Client membership brainstorm session)

    • How to optimize your Facebook to lead people into your world

    • How to capture client testimonials for service provider/ Consultants and Coaches!

  • 7


    • How To Take Good Photos For Your Business and Social media Content

    • How to Believe In Yourself When You Struggle With Self-Doubt With Hanna

    • How to use the power of storytelling and vulnerability for your life and Business with Gicela

  • 8

    7)Breaking Beliefs 3 Day Workshop

    • Day 1: Understanding Your Limiting Beliefs

    • Day 2: Unblocking Your Limiting Beliefs

    • Day 3: Rewriting Your limiting Beliefs

    • Break Beliefs Worksheet

  • 9

    8)Storytelling & Becoming a Writer

    • The inner work, why we love storytelling and expanding in the dating game

    • How to Self-publish with Cass Grodd Author of 2 Poetry Books

  • 10

    9) Money: Overcoming Money Blocks and Reframing Your Money Mindset!

    • Mini- Coaching Session: Money Blocks

  • 11

    Expert Interviews

    • Healing Our Body Mindset: Paloma's Journey To Embodiment and Wellness

  • 12

    Group Coaching Calls

    • April 2022: Say your fear out loud Call

    • May 2022: 3 Creative ways to Market yourself

    • June 2022: Tapping away your Negativity

    • July 2022 Group Coaching Call: Creating a vision for your higher self (video uploading soon!)

    • August 2022: Conscious Goal Setting

    • September 2022: When Your Offer Isn't Selling


  • Who is this for?

    This Learning Vault was created to support women who are ready to build their business and heal while doing it, because they realize that their business can only go as far as they can go. This vault is a self-guided Learning resource to help women step into their greatness working from the inside out on all the limiting beliefs and teaching them the tools they need to become a full embodiment of the business and life they want to live.

  • What is included within the vault?

    This vault includes workbooks, recorded coaching calls, Masterclasses, How-to-videos and so much more. Everything to support entrepreneurs who are healing as they build their business. Plus 1 monthly group call a month to connect with other entrepreneurs in the community. (The second Monday of every month)

  • How long do I have access?

    You have the option of buying yearly access or month to month access to the Learning Vault.

  • Is this going to be updated?

    This Course is going to be updated monthly. We make sure to keep the information relevant but most of all useful to every person no matter where they are on their healing journey. This content is also complementary to anyone being personally coached by Gicela.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Your Subscription can be cancelled by emailing Re: Cancel subscription with a short explanation of why you are canceling. If you got the yearly subscription, there are not refunds. And you will have access till year is over.

  • What is the difference between paying in full and paying month to month?

    Paying in full will give you a discount in comparison to paying month to month. Plus we know you will love it so why not stay for a year and see the wonderful results you can get yourself!