Everyone preaches and talks self love…

But do you actually know how to go about applying self love to your day to day life?

  • Do you know that self-love is a daily act of self-reflection, patience, forgiveness, and compassion toward yourself and others?

  • Do you find yourself often wondering how there are some people who can so easily embrace their path, their purpose, their joy? And yet, you can’t even manage to complete a whole project you once said you were super excited about.

  • Do you wonder how people out of “nowhere” skyrocket into living a life so perfectly aligned to them? and you can’t manage to figure out what your next step in life is.

You see others embrace life whole heartily, You see them going after what their hearts desire and do it so gracefully. But what you don’t see is the inner work that has gone into creating that life and alignment.

But it can be learned!

You are different, you are probably the black sheep in your family, always pushing limits and feeling alone as you try to reach new levels in every area of your life without an example.

It’s time you embrace all these parts of you. You cannot be light without your darkness, You cannot know good without knowing bad. I am excited to tell you that all of you is welcomed here not just the parts society loves about you.
You will learn the tools to embrace your hard moments, to feel and grow from situations where you wish you could avoid altogether but make up part of your life.

Hey! I'm Gicela

your self-love guide on this beautiful journey to discovering all that you are made of and how truly unique and beautiful you are.

Out of all our mess and chaos their is lightness and joy. My path of self-love has been long, tiring and sometimes excruciatingly painful. I had no process, I had to make up my own. I had no guidance and so I forged ahead hitting every wall until I found my way that is how this process was born.
Gicela Holguin

For you!

So that you don’t have to go into this blindly, I will be your flashlight on this path that may seem to dark sometimes but the journey is so worth it. This is why The How To Love Yourself E-course was created so that you can take this journey with my guidance but at your pace.

You will be able to pick and choose by theme and situation you maybe struggling with and come back to it anytime you need it again.

This is a journey to your freedom, you have the keys in your hand but you gotta try different doors.
See you inside!


Gicela Holguin

What people are saying about the course...

"This course has allowed me confront myself in a way that I had not been able to before."

Aura Beatriz Sterling Chávez

How to love yourself series came to my life in the precise moment, for years I had try to heal my wounds, but I hadn’t made time for do it. This course has allowed me confront myself in a way that I had not been able to before. I identified with the experiences of this brave, beautiful and wise woman, she is not just sharing her experience she is breaking it down so you can heal too. Grateful that this came to me at the right time.

"This course gives you perspective and possibility"

Alejandra Holguin

The most valuable take away from how to love yourself course is really and truly how to love yourself through different circumstances in life and just how to go through it. It’s honest and I think really anyone can benefit from this course in one way or another! Thank you for sharing your life experience and personal story with me💕

"After completing these modules, it gave me the power I needed to start lovingly caring for myself."

Stephanie L.

This course has helped me face my inner struggles and external circumstances that have hindered the way I love myself. After completing these modules, it gave me the power I needed to start lovingly caring for myself. As I began doing this, my spirit that I've hidden for so long started surfacing within me. My inner world took its control back, clearing things in my external environment. Clearing these roadblocks have been vital for making room I really needed for myself and wellbeing. Gicela has outlined the different areas where we struggle to love ourselves from inner battles to external conflicts. I continue to back to this course over and over again!

What You Will Have Access To:

  • 1

    🎉Welcome To The How To Love Yourself Through Hard things Series!🎉

    • Hello It's Gicela! Here is how you can use this resource...

  • 3

    🔪When Someone Betrays You...

    • Someone Betrayed you?

    • When Someone Betrays You Workbook

  • 4

    🤕When You Burn Yourself Out

    • Burnt out?

    • When You Burn Yourself Out Workbook

  • 5

    🥀When You Don't Feel Worthy

    • Don't Feel Worthy?

    • When You Don't Feel Worthy Workbook

  • 6

    🏝When You Feel Lonely

    • When You are feeling Lonely

    • When You Feel Lonely Workbook

  • 7

    🙅‍♀️When You Have A Shitty Parenting day

    • Having A Shitty Parenting Day

    • When You Have A Shitty Parenting Day Workbook

  • 8

    When You Betray Yourself

    • When You Betray Yourself

    • When You Betray Yourself Workbook

  • 9

    Through Business failure

    • Through Business failure

    • Through Business Failure...Or Honestly, any kind of Failure Workbook

  • 10

    When Your Relationship Ends

    • When Your Relationship Ends

    • When Your Relationship Ends Workbook

  • 11

    Through A Pandemic

    • Through A Pandemic

    • Through A Pandemic Workbook

  • 12

    When You Start To Create Boundaries

    • When You Start to Create Boundaries

    • When You Start To Create Boundaries Workbook

  • 13

    When You Hate Your Body

    • When You Hate Your Body

    • When You Hate Your Body Workbook

  • 14

    When You Find It Hard To Trust

    • When You Find It Hard To Trust Video

    • When You Find It Hard To Trust Workbook

  • 15

    When Your Inner Critic Comes Out

    • When Your Inner Critic Comes Out

    • When Your Inner Critic Comes Out Workbook

  • 16

    When Your Health Fails You

    • When Your Health Fails You

    • When Your Health Fails You Workbook

  • 17

    Through Grief

    • Through Grief

    • Through Grief

  • 18

    When You Are Not In Control

    • When You Are Not In Control

    • When You Are Not In Control Workbook

  • 19

    When You Are Learning To Love Again

    • When You Are Learning To Love Again

    • 18.How To Love Yourself When You Are Learning To Love Again Workbook

  • 20

    So Now What?

    • What's Next...


  • Who is this for?

    Anyone struggling to love themselves. Especially through hard situations.

  • Should I go in a specific order?

    No, there is no specific order for this course. This is a take what calls to you and apply. Come back every time you need it.

  • Can I submit my own specific struggle?

    Yes, most def. I am always looking to create more content to help people process. If it is something I haven’t spoken on I will create if not I will lead you to the resource. Please submit your request to: gicela@forthewomenilove.com

  • Would you Like more support from me and to see what ways we can work together?

    Book a call with me here: https://designbygigimarketing.na.chilipiper.com/book/me/gicela-tangarife And I can walk you through what is available to you. Right now You can work with me in two ways: 1. Joining The Leap and Launch Mastermind Program by joining and saving your spot for September 2021. (application required). 2. Personalized exclusive 1:1 Coaching spot opening up for August 2021. Book a connection call with me at the above link and let's see if this is a good fit!

  • How long do I have Access to course?

    You will have 365 day access from date of purchase to

Learn More About Your Instructor...

Gicela Holguin

Hey I'm Gicela, And I don't want to be another person that tells you how to live your life, what you should do to change it or what is the quick fix to your happiness. I am a millennial, lucky enough to know what poverty, racism, sexism, trauma all feel like and what It has taken to reach a place of peace with a past that likes to tell me I'm worthless on my worst days and a fucking superhero on my best. I got tired of a life where I was always the victim because things were always happening to me, not for me. Where my happiness, success and joy depended on everyone else around me except me. I am not a psychologist, trained counsellor or any of that fancy backed by a big school degree in this area of life at all but to tell you the truth who really is an expert at life?!? After years of beating myself into the same walls, looking for solutions that were way out of reach (expensive therapy I could not afford) and getting cheap or free therapy from therapist that hated their jobs and helping… I decided to embark on a long journey… Jks. I gave up. I did what everyone else did, found someone who was half-decent, made me feel half-decent and looked past a lot of my shit. I think we all call it love, butterflies in your stomach and what is now known as trauma bonding. I made a baby with him and everything I thought my life would be…. Was a complete and utter BS lie I had built in my head (thanks telenovelas) It was in this deep shit of birthing this baby into the world as I saw my soul trauma love of my life relationship fall apart that I realized that I could not keep living these cycles of almost perfect happiness to come down like a crashing plane death of my soul. It was seeing my ex-partner's eyes change from love to hate that I realized that I had to take responsibility for my shit, it was in my daughter's eyes that I found all the strength to begin a journey deep into the darkest corners of my soul and come out the other side. I was 12 when I first remembered praying to God to help me get out of this crazy life… that I didn't want any of it. And he said hold on. And so I’ve held on past every disadvantage, every moment of pain, loss and complete failure. And so I’ve held on… Past being overlooked in school by teachers and peers, Past having to build a new life in a country where I didn’t speak the language, Past barely making it through a full day without trying to drink myself to sleep every night. I’ve held on... I’ve dedicated these past 4 years to discover ways to unbreak myself, to become successful and happy and what I’ve found is that what I actually wanted was none of that. What I’ve found to be more important than any of that was PEACE. Yes, peace of the mind, Peace in my heart, a shit ton of forgiveness. I’ve found that I was never broken but that I was taught to believe I was. I found that I do not want success unless it's on my terms, I discovered integrity to myself and to others, something that someone who is an empty shell of pain could not understand before. I am not a guru, a saviour, an influencer. I am Gicela, A human being who for some reason lived through a shit ton of pain in the first 29 years of my life. Pain that I wish on no one, but that has made me the human that I am today because I decided to become softer from it instead of harder because I’ve learned to break my own heart for my highest good because I’ve now got lesson, learnings, teachings from the years I’ve spend overcoming myself and a world that wanted to sell me on being broken. So if you Identify with any of this… This is for you this is for the women I Love.